Oct 9, 2019
1:00 - 4:00 PM
UNT Inspire Park, Frisco Texas

USpinX is a one-day event that brings together a dozen Texas universities to share the technologies developed at each institution with companies, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

  • The purpose of USpinX is to provide a collision space for entrepreneurs and industry to connect with multiple universities at once. 
  • The goal is to make it easier to find the inventions, patents and software developed at universities that are ready for commercial success.
  • Universities use licensing as a way to move the inventions and breakthroughs from the lab to products and services offered by companies.
  • It can be difficult for one company alone to find these inventions, especially since there are so many universities across the country performing research.
  • USpinX allows you to meet with the offices that manage these inventions directly in one location, so you can save time and explore what meets your needs without wasting your resources.
  • This unique format allows you to give milestones to the universities if the technology needs further development before it meets your needs, allowing you to impact how research and technology are developed effectively.

Format: Each university will have a table at Inspire Park’s conference hall to allow companies, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to find the types of technologies they are seeking and to contact specific universities.

Each company has the opportunity to have a free table if they would prefer to have universities come to them and discuss different technology areas of interest to the company.

The main room is large and able to accommodate private conversations and networking.  Additionally, conference rooms are available if more confidential space is needed to explore deeper discussions.

After the technology exchange, everyone is invited to stay for the October Inspire Frisco Talk (#IFTalk); a monthly speaker series hosted by Inspire Frisco to provide collisions within the innovation ecosystem in the U.S.’s fastest growing city. The speakers will discuss how technology transfer is best accomplished with universities, ways to make the transaction effective and stories of successes that came out of the universities.

University of North Texas (Host) • University of North Texas Health Science Center • Texas Tech University • University of Texas Arlington • University of Texas Dallas • University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center • Texas State University • Southern Methodist University • Texas Christian University • Baylor University • Baylor Scott & White Research Institute • Texas Woman’s University

Cost: Free!

Who should attend?

Companies: Find technologies available for licensing from 12 universities across Texas. Provide feedback for how to make early stage inventions appetizing to your company by achieving research and development milestones.

Entrepreneurs: Develop your next company by spinning technology out of a local university. Texas universities are leaders in research, and USpinX allows you to find cutting edge technologies you can build a new enterprise around that leapfrog the current competitors.

Venture Capitalists: Find the university technologies to build management teams around to disrupt industries.

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